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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The cuteness of baby stuff compels you...

Jeromy and I got our first baby gifts at Christmas!!!  You will be rendered lip-quivering and powerless by the sheer cuteness of what we got....

From my best friend in California:
  • Tummy Tatts for my belly--totally fun and hilarious.  I think I'm going to surprise Jeromy with a new one every week.  I also think it would be awesome to wear one to the doctor's office just to see her face...maybe the one that says "Kiss me, I'm pregnant" or the one that says "One hot mama" with flames on it.  I really think it would take our doctor-patient relationship to a special new level.
Modeling the "Bun in the oven" tatt for you.  Oh yes, I did.

  • A Pacimals huggable pacifier--So sweet and clever.  It's a stuffed sheep with a pacifier on its head  that can later morph into a teething ring.  When the baby is all done with that, you can just cut off the top and it becomes a regular stuffed animal!  Love it!
From our longtime family friends and former neighbors (who I stayed with when my little brother Travis was born 26 years ago!!):
  • Boudreaux's Butt Paste, which is apparently the best diaper rash cream EVER.  Jeromy is super entertained by the name (of course).
  • Our first kiddo book!  Llama Llama Mad at Mama!  The whole book rhymes and is just too cute for words.  I might need a baby llama to tide me over until Doctor arrives.
From my Mom:
Woven baby booties that she bought in Nepal!!!  Are you not dying of cuteness overload!?  They are fleece-lined and cozy as can be--I want some in my size.  We're not sure why they are so long and must be how all the Nepalese babies are wearing their booties these days.  Very trendsetting.  I obviously can't wait to put them on Doctor:

Other excellent baby-related gifts that I got:
  • Maternity store gift cards from Jeromy's family.  I actually already used one of them to buy some warm stuff to take to Colorado.  Several of my non-maternity shirts aren't quite making it over the bump, and the whole bare-belly-hanging-out-between-shirt-and-pants is NOT a look that I am ok with.

  • The sewing machine I asked for, and a gift certificate for more sewing classes...I am well on my way to earning my Martha Wings!  I consider these gifts baby-related because I am really hoping to sew stuff for the nursery, like the crib skirt, pillows, etc.  We'll see how it goes.  I wonder if Martha ever cries or swears when she sews.  Probably not. She probably has a well-paid assistant who cries and swears FOR her so that she doesn't move her face and get wrinkles.  

On seeing my face when I feel the baby kick: "You should probably stop reacting like that every time.  You look like a dog that farted and scared itself."


  1. Yo dude, I am not 26 years old...yet!

  2. O...M...G...the baby belly tats! Awesome! Please wear them to your ultrasound! Ha ha ha ha ha!