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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cuteness of Baby Stuff Compels You, Part Deux

I'm not sure if anyone can possibly be quite as excited as I am by pictures of baby gifts and purchases, but since *I* am The Great Hormonal Empress of This Blog, we are going to look at some more of them.  Deal.

Since Jeromy had taken the whole day off work for the big ultrasound, we drove up to Round Rock afterward (without even going into Ikea--how strong am I???) to go to the Baby Earth store, which was pretty neat.  Baby Earth is mostly an online retailer, but they are based in Austin, so they have a store in front of their warehouse.  The lady there was really helpful and spent probably almost an hour talking to us about strollers and cloth diapers and baby carriers.  I so wish we had taken pictures of us trying out the different baby carriers with their ten-pound fake baby, which she called "creepy baby" and definitely looked like it had hit the floor a few times.  I have to say that I think it bodes well for our parenting skills that neither Jeromy nor I dropped that sucker.

Anyway, here is the super-soft, organic, soy-dyed outfit that Jeromy and I bought to celebrate finding out the Doctor is a He-Baby:
What?  It's TOTALLY masculine.
We also got an e-mail that weekend from my brother, who sent a picture of an adorable bib that they had bought "for the good Doctor" in Laos.  
That's right, booties from Nepal, a bib from Laos; this fetus is going to be a sophisticated, jet-setting baby of the world, obviously.  I am envisioning this bib as not so much catching spit-up or half-chewed carrot mush, but more like in a shadow box on the nursery wall along with a picture of Uncle Travis and Aunt Victoria on their travels.  Too cute.

Then, last weekend Jeromy and I went out to see my parents in Mason, and had lunch with my aunt and uncle, who really helped to add to Doctor's library!
Goodnight Moon was my FAVORITE when I was little, an The Very Hungry Catepillar is a classic!  They also gave Doctor a precious and sweet totally manly little organic dog rattle.

Finally, one of my awesome teacher friends, who is a mommy herself, gave us some of her favorite, tried-and-true things:
No-scratch mittens, a super-soft hat, and another great book!
She also gave us these:
Jeromy and I had actually seen these in the store and thought they were really cute (me) and hilarious (Jeromy).  My friend must have known that one of my biggest having-a-boy fears centered around Unauthorized Pee Spraying (UPS)  during diaper changes.  Crisis averted!

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  1. what a cute onesie! i'm a sucker for anything kimono style so i might have to find this for myself too!
    oh, and other baby boy moms have told me that a washcloth works just as well if not better than the teepees, just throw it on as soon as you unwrap that diaper and you should be in the clear : ) good luck!