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Pimp Our Nursery

 The nursery is starting to take more shape in my mind.  Here are my inspiration rooms that I came across on my obsessive internet searches:
I absolutely love this one and pretty much want to live in it myself, but I have to admit that it comes across as a little pastel and girly.  So we'll have to man it up a little with some other colors. But I want to paint at least one wall this color.

This one (from one of my favorite blogs) is also ridiculously amazing, and it is much more boy-appropriate.  Our furniture is not this modern, and our colors are going to be a little different, but I am planning to do a subtle owl theme like she did.  It seems like everyone is doing owl nurseries right now, but I'm ok with that.  

This is a bit closer to the color scheme that I have in mind.  

This is the same nursery as the previous picture.  We are planning to do white furniture but a chocolate-colored chair, like this.  Also, I am loving this mobile and think Doctor probably needs one like it.  No white wall, though.

I found some striped fabric at Joann that I think will be great for a striped crib skirt, and I bought some super cute coordinating fabric at the place where I take sewing lessons.  I signed up for their baby quilt class so I can use all the fun patterns!
 The striped fabric on the top of the pile is what I m planning to make the crib skirt out of.  It has all of the colors I want to use: sky blue, a darker turquoise/aqua, chocolate brown, white, and mocha/khaki.  The pattern on the bottom of the pile is REALLY bright and and a touch on the psychedelic disco side (it's even called "groovy"!), so I'm going to try not to overdo that one.  The colors on it are great, though.

I am conflicted about the walls.  For a while I have been wanting to paint all of the walls a light sky blue like in some of the pictures above.  However, I do also really like the look of light mocha walls, like this:
This is actually how I was picturing doing a girl's room
Jeromy definitely votes for the mocha, because it is more neutral and would probably not have to be changed as soon.  He's all practical like that.  So now I am considering doing mostly mocha walls with one accent blue wall, but I can't quite picture if that would look good or not.  Occasionally I like the way accent walls look, but usually I think they just look weird. I am also really tempted to do a wall with a bunch of floor to ceiling tree decals on it, like this:
From Etsy--these are the same ones that you can sort of see in the 2nd nursery picture
  These decals can be made in several different colors.  I think brown trees with turquoise birds would look good against the blue wall, but I can also see doing white trees against a mocha wall.  Are we all totally overwhelmed by the options yet??  Anyone have wall color thoughts?  Opinions on accent walls?

Since not everyone who reads this blog is going to enjoy my agonized ramblings about which paint color or fabric swatch to use in Doctor's nursery, I'm creating this page for nursery decision-making, opinions, and pictures.  So if you want to help us pimp Baby Smith's crib, keep dropping by this page to give input or just follow along.  Here are the rules, though.  You can't be too nasty about anything we are considering, and you can't be mad if we don't end up going with your advice.  That said, I am really indecisive, and getting feedback will help.  I think.

As soon as we get the rest of the future nursery cleaned out, I'll post some pictures of the room.  Right now it still has random stuff in it.  

The good news is that we have already made the most important purchase, the crib:

I am sure that everyone expected me to go for one of the huge, fancy, heavy cribs from Pottery Barn or something.  I do really like those cribs, but they are WAY expensive for something that isn't going to be used for very long.  The one we chose was pretty darn cheap, and I kept loving it in nursery pictures online, so we went for it.

And yes, we are doing mostly white furniture for a boy's nursery.  If you are going to be rude about it like the lady at the furniture store ("well, I guess it MIGHT look ok if you did a nautical theme"), then you can just step AWAY from the blog.  I really like white furniture for baby rooms, and Doctor is secure in his masculinity, so he will be cool with it, too.   

My plan it to pick some fabric next, to determine the color scheme.  I have found a few patterns online that look pretty good, but am having very little luck in local stores.  Here are some that I am liking so far:

I also really love this, but it looks like they don't sell it as fabric by the yard, just as expensive pre-made bedding: 
I am looking for fabric, because I want to use my new Martha Stewart sewing skills to make the crib skirt, some pillows, and maybe even curtains myself.  I am planning to do an extra-long crib skirt that I can hem up as we move the mattress down, like this:

Thoughts so far, anyone?


  1. You just made my day--so excited to be a part of Pimp my Nursery! So... since you are doing white (what color are the walls??), I like the idea of the 3rd one down, which is super manly and handsome at the same time. Also, I like that it's dark.

  2. I love white furniture myself! I love the animal fabric (dark brown with elephants, frogs, etc.)

  3. I like the zigzags and the animals best!

  4. SO much fun!!! That last photo is a PERFECT boy's room!! Love the striped skirt. I like #1 &6 for accents (pillows/bumper, which are rarely actually IN the crib once baby is here, but make for great pics and could be fun on a rocking chair or somthing in the room/used as piping in the other items). As main patterns, LOVE LOVE LOVE the zigzag and the animal print!!!

    Have you scrolled through under supplies? I am SUPPOSED to be scoring OEQs, but...perhaps Dr Suess as a play on Dr? Haha. I love this pattern, too, but I love green:

    Thanks for letting us play! Hugs!!

  5. Yay feedback!!!

    We are planning to paint the walls to go with whatever color scheme we pick. I like the idea of a light sky blue or light mocha. Jeromy definitely prefers the idea of mocha.

    I definitely love the animal fabric, I am just wondering if it is going to seem REALLY dark with the white furniture. I wish it came in a lighter version of the same color family.

    The crib bumpers are always SO cute, but I wasn't going to do any since they are now considered to be a suffocation hazard. Boo!

  6. I love the owl set! I couldn't find that exact print, but there are TONS of owl designs online, so I'm sure you could find something equally as nice. The stick hanging over the crib in the last picture scares me. So I suppose my vote is for owls and against sticks. This is too fun! Good luck and let me know if you need help on your sewing adventure :)

  7. We like the brown animal print. If (and when) the good Doctor decides to poo all in the crib, it won't stain too badly. Right now we are in the hot zone for finding fabrics in Vietnam and could pick you up something nice. What blend of silk do you anticipate him preferring? Yellow is very in these days...

    Travis and Victoria

  8. I love the fabric with the blue hippos!! :)

    Rebecca Moore

  9. i love th fabric choices! i say go ahead and order samples and then just order them online if th price is right, that's what i've sucked it up to do. i had to give up on finding them locally.
    i love your choices so far... i'm sure it has something to do with having very similar decisions made for our boy nursery : )
    can't wait to see it all come together!

  10. I really like the mocha wall color (very soothing) with owl theme! Sometimes wall decals (the trees) can peel off easily- so you might want to look into that. I think an overall color scheme of brown, blue, and green is perfect!

  11. Yeah Rebecca!! More FUN for my late night insomnia!! First, the owl theme is fantastic- love love love!!!! Your fabric choices are equally fabulous, if I do say so...perfect for a modern boy's room! ;) My vote for the walls: mocha with white branches/ turquoise & baby blue accents hands down over baby blue. Because mocha is warmer, baby blue is very babyish while mocha will " grow" with Doctor (who, btw, will so hard to call by another name!), it'll hide more dirt (boys are dirty!), & bc I've seen sooo many baby blue boys rooms, which makes the mocha fresh and updated. Accent walls look really strange unless you have a very unique wall in the room, but I have seen some people do the stipenthing horizontally and though it looks like a ton of work, it always looks awesome.

    Thanks for letting me play pimp our nursery ;) Hugs!!!!!

  12. I love Amanda's room too! :) I think she even won a contest with it..or maybe she ALMOST won!
    I almost ordered an owl to add to my girly tree, but I havent yet- I have it bookmarked, but I was waiting to see is my room was getting too busy with the other items :) I tend to overdo IT! I REALLY LIKE the colors you have picked out. My friend tried making me paint our walls mocha, butI just hate painting. I Think the mocha will look good! I am actually REALLY bad with colors and coordinating and decorating, but I LIKE what you have going on here :)

  13. Love the owl theme! This is going to be one classy baby nursery!!

  14. Great blog! Loving keeping up with you guys! I like the next to the last photo... the white crib with the owl and tree print bedding. Favorite! And if you paint the walls the mocha color like Jeromy wants, you could totally do a baby blue accent wall and use your colors and the crib bedding I just said I liked! Love the owl theme, too!! I know this is unrelated, but my bathroom is brown and baby blue, and they are great colors together!! I cannot wait to see the finished product!!!

    -Victoria (Heather's friend & maid of honor... hope you remember me). :)