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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Letting go

Well, the rented baby scale has left the building.......again.  We returned it once before, but hopefully I'll be able to let go of it for good this time.  After knowing EXACTLY how much breast milk Dylan has been getting each day for almost 3 months, I'm pretty much terrified.  I'm definitely not really over the weight-loss scare that we had when Dylan was 3 weeks old, but everyone else is confident that he is now doing fine.  The lactation consultant has been urging me to bring back the scale for a while (even though we were renting it from her store!) and to "trust the system" of breastfeeding, but it's been incredibly hard to do after our rough start.

It helped to talk with the pediatrician at Dylan's 4 month appointment a few days ago.  Dylan's weight is still right around the 25th percentile, but the doctor said she wasn't really too worried about it, and she also voted that I return the scale. 

In the end, I'm not sure if using the scale was a good idea or a bad one.  Certainly, it reassured me that Dylan was getting enough to eat, but I also clearly got kind of very dependent on it.  Maybe those suckers should come with a sticker: "WARNING: This scale is like crack for OCD breastfeeding moms; use with caution." 

Anyway, it's gone now, and I'm trying to take my first steps on the road to Scale Addiction recovery.  Wish us luck!  

Dylan at 1 month, just over 9 lbs

Our last weigh-in this morning; Dylan at 4 months, just under 14 lbs...still wearing some of his favorite socks!

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