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Monday, January 3, 2011

A letter to Baby Smith at 20 weeks, 2 Days

Dear Doctor,
 Today is your big day.  You should know that both of your parents are very cooperative people, especially when it comes to dealing with medical professionals.  We expect you to follow this family trait and show the nice perinatologist your important bits.   If you don't behave, not only will we be very disappointed with you, but you will also be GROUNDED.  And we don't mean grounded when you come out and sleep most of the time anyway.  No, we will choose some weekend when you are 16 years old and REALLY want to go out with your friends to ground you.  Don't test us; we will totally do it.  Don't think that we are going to be like some parents these days who just want you to think we're "cool."  We will take away your cell phone and ipod and whatever other kind if newfangled electronic device you kids are obsessed with in those days.  Because we care.

Fair warning.  

Love, Mom and Dad

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  1. I just felt a very strong girl vibe as I read this! I suppose I have a 50/50 shot! Can't wait to hear!