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Monday, January 24, 2011

The pros and cons of procreating with an enginerd, and the only reason I'd ever say "Take the gun. Leave the cannoli."

Jeromy deserves a husband medal of honor after this weekend....we took a couple of trips into town in order to do our baby registries and to look for some nursery furniture.  Like most guys, Jeromy does not love shopping.  He'd rather be playing video games, or probably even washing the dishes.  But Jeromy especially does not love shopping with his pregnant wife who feels compelled to spend hours examining the flaws and features of diaper bags and car seats, but who also whines about back pain and has to take a pee break ever 10-25 minutes.  

I knew the whole situation was going to make him grumpy.  I even stopped in at the baby store the day before to ask when was the least crowded time to come in and register without too much hassle.  
Saleslady: "Well, the best time to come in is definitely during a UT football game."
Me:  "Ummm....isn't the season over for this year?"
Saleslady: "Oh, I guess so."
Me: " baby is due in May.  This does not help me."

When we did go in, I wanted Jeromy to mainly focus on the more technical baby stuff that has to be assembled and plugged in and all that business.  So I led Jeromy to the infant swings.
Me: "Ok, so you need to look at these and figure out which ones are good and which ones are crappy."
Jeromy: "Umm, I can't really tell that just by looking at them."
Me: "Well, I know, we should try them out and play with them and all that."
Jeromy: [after messing with a few] "I don't know.  I can't really tell."
Me: [giving him the special wifely look that says that I'm having a mental floor-kicking hissy fit] "What do you MEAN you don't know?!  You're an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER."

I do think I deserve some credit for not making him look at the breast pumps though.

Some other baby gear shopping Gems from Jeromy:

Me: "We should probably get one of these rubber duckies that changes color if the bath water is too hot."
Jeromy: "Nah, don't put that on the list.  We can just use my infrared thermometer."
Me: "Umm, ok."
Jeromy posing with his infrared thermometer on Christmas morning. 
Me: "Janet sent me a link to a one-day deal on the video monitor they bought.  It looks pretty good, so I was going to go ahead and get one."
Jeromy:  "No, don't buy one yet.  Let me do some research.  We might be able to set up a system where we can watch the baby on our iPhones."
Me: "Umm, ok."

I have to admit that I was really excited about registering.  And not just because it helped to satisfy my intense get-ready-for-this-baby-by-finding-the-perfect-baby-products nesting urge.  I also got the fulfill my long-held desire to use.....the registry gun.  

I have no explanation for why I'm so fascinated by these; I'm not THAT into technology gadgets, and I'm certainly not a fan of guns.  When we got married, we registered for our honeymoon and a set of handmade pottery dishes rather than the typical stuff, which I don't regret for a second, but I was a little sad not to get to use the gun.  Especially after I found out that Crate & Barrel does special registry events with champagne and hors d'oeuvres.  Yes, please.  I am still tempted to make Jeromy to take off his wedding band and go with me to pretend to be my brother and his fiance and register for them while they are out of the country.  I'd have to skip the champagne, and we might get some awkward "oooohh, you got pregnant and now you have to get married" looks, but I would still get to use the gun and eat finger food!

Anyway, I finally got to use a couple of registry guns this weekend, and it was pretty fantastic.  

In other news, I have updated the
page, so check it out and give some advice if you are interested!


  1. what video monitor did you want? I got the one my BIL and SIL got, but I also have the regular one, and I was kind of holding on to both to see what works best...
    I found registering to be very time consuming and difficult and I changed my mind on several things even after I registered. My friend is at BRU registering right now and I told her "Good Luck" because she has done NO research-not even looked up ANYTHING on line, or picked up a book! Not like you and me :)

  2. This might be my favorite picture ever of Romy. It's neck and neck with the rattlesnake boots