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Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby's First Intervention

Dear Baby Boy (a.k.a. Doctor):

I know how much you enjoy shopping for your chic-but-manly little baby clothes, because you are stylish and metro like that.  I enjoy it too, especially since it's less expensive and way more coo-inducing than shopping for maternity clothes.  But I think we better cool it for a while, or Dad is going to take away our credit card.  And then we'd have to stay home and do boring stuff.  Like cleaning. 

Love, Mom

The Closet of Cuteness


  1. you've got great taste! (ie. i have pretty much everything you have hanging in there as well... the helicopter onesie is my FAVE! but really the Dwell stuff will make you go broke but at least it's cute boy stuff : )

  2. My mom was just over today helping me hang curtains (snow day) and she looked inside the baby's closet and dresser drawers and could not believe how much clothes there were! She should have suspected because she bought A LOT of them, but I could honestly tell her, I only bought 4 things in the whole closet! I actually think she wont get to wear a lot of stuff because there is so much! People may buy more girl clothes than boy, but you just wait ...and dont say I didnt warn you :)))