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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Haircut and 19 week baby belly shots. With stupid mirror self-portaits. Enjoy.

Jeromy and I had a mini photo shoot on the back porch so that I could post the pictures of my haircut as promised.  Unfortunately, in most of the pictures he took, my hair is getting blown around in a less-than-photogenic way.  So I had to go for the idiotic-looking mirror re-shoot after he left for Crossfit.  Sorry, honey.  But you get the added bonus of some baby bump pictures!

Here's the Soccer Mom haircut:
 I guess I'm coming to terms with it.  I just don't love it.  But my hair grows pretty quickly, so it'll be fine. 

Bathroom Belly Shot #1:

Bathroom Belly Shot #2 ( with an actual maternity top)  It must be the angle, but my bump looks HUGE in this one!:

Here's one that Jeromy did take.  I might look like I'm having a sweet belly-gazing moment, but I'm actually looking down at the dog:

You can definitely see the downside of maternity jeans  here.  I have been wearing the ones that have a full stretchy elastic panel that goes up and over the whole belly, but they were in the wash.  These just have an annoying stretchy waistband; they fall down a lot, and, as you can see, they give your belly a weird shape and line.  Like it's sitting on an elastic shelf or something.  Dislike.  My lounge pants from Target that are basically a refined version of sweatpants, on the other hand?  LIKE. 


  1. I *like* the hair! Very cute! It is totally NOT mom hair! Take it from someone who has had some bad mom hair in the past! But do be careful after the baby comes that you don't make some crazed hormonal decisions. I say a pony tail is a chic look for any new mom ;-)

    Also, I'm totally obsessed with the Stitch Lab now! They offer kids classes for 7 and up! Izzy turns 7 in January!! How fun!!!

  2. Yaaaay you popped! So cute! And I agree with Chandra, it's definitely not mom hair. Cute!

  3. The hair and the belly bump look super cute! :)

  4. I like the new do - very cute! Cute bump too!

    I also hated those horrid full-panel pants. They never stayed up, so annoying. Just thinking about them makes me want to go burn them.