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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Signs That My Body Is, in Fact, Being Taken Over By a Tiny Person with Jeromy's DNA

  1. In my non-pregnant life, I take showers that are just a hair cooler than scalding.  I LOVE hot water.  If there was a way to take a book, my computer, and some snacks in there, I'd wallow in a hot shower all day long.  Jeromy HATES hot water.  He likes his shower water just a hair warmer that the penguin pool at the zoo.  After getting in the hot tub at the ranch one time, Jeromy laid on the couch gasping like a dying fish for the rest of the evening and was overheated and whimpering for like two days.  Since I've been pregnant, hot water has become my nemesis.  I want to go in wearing a scuba tank that feeds me cold air to breathe, because the hot, damp shower air makes me feel like I'm suffocating.  I find myself pondering just how necessary it really is to wash my hair.  There is no more contented lingering in the steamy goodness.  Rebecca Genes: 0; Jeromy Genes: 1.  (BTW...if you do a Google search for "Hot Shower" images, you get a lot of less-than-appropriate hits.  I probably should have known better.)
  2. For the last 15 years or so, I've had at least one hot beverage almost every day.  When I was teaching, I was pretty much incapable of starting my day without either stopping at Starbucks for a latte or making a mug of tea as soon as I got to school.  Pre-hot drink Mrs. Smith was not the sharpest piece of dust-free chalk in the box.  Jeromy, on the other hand, will only drink a hot beverage if it's below freezing outside, chilly inside, and you're offering him gourmet hot chocolate.  Since I've been pregnant, I haven't been able to stomach my morning tea, even decaf peppermint.  I had to start buying juice just to have something to drink with my breakfast.  Even though we're headed into the winter months, I'm still hitting the heavily iced water and Italian soda instead of my impressive tea collection.  Rebecca Genes:0; Jeromy Genes: 1.
  3. In my "real" life, I enjoy Mexican food about as much as the next Austinite.  I'd be up for going to one of our local Mexican restaurants once every few weeks, but mostly because we were meeting friends and I knew that a prickly pear margarita or pitcher of sangria would be involved.  When it comes to the actual food, I usually prefer Italian or Asian dishes.  Jeromy, however, LOVES Mexican food--the spicier the better.  He usually eats Mexican food (often at lunch) at least twice a week.  If he won the lottery, Jeromy would fulfill one of his most cherished dreams by hiring a Mexican grandma to make tortillas just for him. If I ever won the lottery, I would hire an Italian grandma to make fresh pasta for me (as well as a full-time personal trainer to help me burn all those calories!)  Well, since I've been pregnant, Mexican is the only type of food that has NOT disgusted me at one point or another.  Italian food has often been on my "I don't Even Want to Think About It" list.  Many nights when Jeromy has left it up to his picky pregnant wife to pick the restaurant, I've picked a Mexican place (despite being in the No-Margarita Club) and attacked the salsa like Sarah Palin going after air time on TV.  Needless to say, this is one pregnancy symptom that Jeromy has been genuinely thrilled about.  Probably the only one.  Rebecca Genes: 0; Jeromy Genes: 1. 
Yes, I did make Jeromy take my picture at the Mexican restaurant.  He was super mortified excited.
Final Scores:
Rebecca Genes: 0
Jeromy Genes: 3.
Jeromy Genes win.  For now.

***Gems from Jeromy***
I am running out of Gems.  Jeromy has caught on to the fact that I secretly write down the crazy things he says, and now either says things that are inappropriate enough that he knows I won't post them, or he restrains himself from commentary.  Blog-party pooper. 


  1. Oh no! We love the gems from Jeromy!!

    I am also a hot drink and hot shower person, but both stayed with me during the pregnancy. I was in fact super paranoid about my hot baths/showers and scalding baby's brain! I *think* it all turned out okay...

    You may find that Mexican food doesn't sound so fab once the heartburn/acid reflux sets in ;-)

  2. I am loving your writing! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours! If it makes you feel any better I lived on Velveeta Shells & Cheese, doritos (regular only), ding dongs and diet orange soda for my pregnancy. It is amazing that I didn't gain 100 lbs! Also I love hot showers too. I couldn't imagine having to take anything less than a scalding hot shower! That pic of you is adorable!

  3. I Have had NO food aversions or changes in what I like to eat or drink!! Crazy!! haha- I cant stand washing my hair though- preggo or not...and showers seem like a chore :) But, when I DO make myself take them, I DO LIke Them QUITE hoT! :)