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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smith Baby Watch 2011: Update

I had my 40 week appointment today.  After e-mailing with my doulas, I was all ready to let my doctor "strip my membranes" (which I won't get into, but basically it can help get labor started) but we decided to wait, because, get this....I have a nasty little cold.  Oh yes.  I managed to make it through flu season and cold season without catching anything, even when Jeromy got pretty sick, but NOW of all times, I come down with something for the first time in my pregnancy.  So as much as I am ready for Doctor to come on out, I am NOT ready to try to bring on labor while I can barely breathe.  According to one of the doulas, your body will usually hold off and not go into labor while you are sick; hopefully she is right.  Being handed my baby for the first time and coughing in his face is just not in The Plan.  

So the membrane stripping has been delayed until next week, when I will hopefully be feeling better.    I am, however, scheduled for an "induction massage" on Saturday, which may help things along a bit (using pressure points), but will mostly feel good and help me relax. It might also bring world peace and solve global warming, because massages are just that good. 

I feel pretty lucky that my OBGYN is still being very patient and mellow; apparently some doctors start getting really antsy and pushy once you hit your due date.  She hasn't tried to scare me with any talk of a huge baby or a weakening placenta or anything like that.  She did, however, go ahead and schedule me for an induction on the 31st, if nothing has happened by then.  It kind of sucks to start thinking about having to be induced, but I'm glad we have a plan.  

So we're still kind of hanging out, waiting.   Just picture me bouncing on an exercise ball (to help the baby drop a bit more), blowing my nose repeatedly, while Jeromy watches basketball on TV and makes me tea.  Pretty exciting for our last days as a young, childless couple, but we're just glamorous like that!

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