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Monday, May 9, 2011

The big nursery reveal!

We finally put the finishing touches on the nursery this weekend!  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Hopefully it will be "boy" enough for Doctor.  

Here is kind of a "before" picture:

And here it what it looks like now: 
(You should be able to click on each picture to see them larger, if you want!)

Reading nook!

Stuffed owl from Aunt Heather

This is actually a copy of the last page of an adorable book that one of our shower hostesses gave us.

Reading owl art in the reading nook

Fancy bib that Uncle Travis and Aunt Victoria got for Doctor on their Laos, I think?
Jeromy and his Dad put all the furniture together, and Jeromy very patiently hung all the pictures this past weekend, although he did declare that it was the last picture collage wall he'd ever do.  I made the crib skirt, large turquoise and plaid pillow cases, baby quilt, and changing pad cover....yay for sewing lessons. Now we just need a baby to come sleep in it! 


  1. I love it! So very spacious and the colors are great!!

  2. Looks amazing!!! Does it make you feel like you need to re-do ALL the rooms in your house now? Or are you exhausted? ;-)

  3. Jennifer OltmansMay 10, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    It is amazing!! Put it on rate my room for HGTV. Ours is on there. LOVE IT!! Great job!

  4. Thanks!!

    Chandra, for some reason I found decorating a nursery/kid room WAY less intimidating than trying to pick stuff out for other rooms in the house. Plus, I think if I started talking about re-doing other rooms, Jeromy would throw out all off his furniture assembly/picture hanging tools and cut up my credit card.

  5. wow! great job. I am jealous. where did you get the owl prints? I like the vespa one. did you put in black-out drapes?


  6. LOVE. loveLoveLOVE!!
    it looks amazing! all of the bird/owl stuff makes my heart happy! so so cute! baby Dr is going to LOVE being in there!

  7. hi, first time visitor here. and oh dear god, this may be the most beautiful nursery i've ever seen other than the celebrity ones in us weekly. wow.

    congrats. i'mma surf around me bc clearly SOMEONE has great taste. and i need help.