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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Intense Baby Prep Checklist and a personal question

  • Car seat bases installed and inspected.....DONE. The EMTs were very impressed by Jeromy's installation skills, but they still uninstalled and re-installed them again anyway, just to make sure we knew how to do it.  They also had us practice strapping a creepy baby doll into the seat.  
  • Newborn/3-month sized clothes washed and hung in the nursery closet...DONE.  
  •  Baby gear set up...DONE.  Entirely by Jeromy and our dads, I should add, although I did hand Jeromy pieces of the swing while beached on the couch.
  •  Nursery decorated.....DONE.  
  • Hospital bags packed....done as much as possible, since we still need to wear and use some of the stuff you are supposed to put in there.
  • Infant CPR class.....DONE, just this past week.  We couldn't get into one until May 10th, which made me hyperventilate a little bit, but we made it.  We each got our own sanitized plastic baby face to snap in and out of  the shared practice dolls.  Which wasn't creepy AT ALL.  Also, Jeromy and I BOTH (separately) asked a lady in the class when she was due...who had given birth to her twins 5 weeks earlier....oops.
  • Stock freezer with easy meals....DONE.  Jeromy hit the kitchen a few weekends and made about 17 servings of tortilla soup and bolognese sauce.
  • Pre-registration with the hospital and anesthesiologist (ALMOST spelled that right on my first try).....DONE.  Got the shock of my life when I talked to the lady at the anesthesiologist's office; apparently once they give you ANYTHING through the IV--Pitocin, epidural, etc--the anesthesiologist goes on "standby" for you until you deliver....for $90 every FIFTEEN MINUTES.  That's before insurance,
  • Mom back in Texas and within a two-hour drive at all times....DONE.  It's a good thing, too, because I think if the baby had come early, I would have refused to leave the hospital until my mom was around to be there when we brought him home.  Plus, the plan is for my parents to drive in and take care of the Pampered Puppy Princess while we are at the hospital.  
So are we missing anything???  Anything else we need to know about ahead of time?  Because I swear, if I get to the other side of this whole thing and start talking about the birth experience, and all of a sudden everyone is like, "ah, yes, I remember when the giant winged dragon flew through the window and bit me on the arm.  No one warns you about that part, do they?"  I will feel very betrayed.

Finally......a questions for previous birth-givers that might fall under the TMI category, but I would like to know....did you have your membranes stripped to get labor going?  Effectiveness?  Pain level?  Pros and cons?


    1. I definitely missed my calling as an anesthesiologist. Geez.

      Go see a movie, get a mani/pedi? Those were on my pre-baby to-do list and I only accomplished the latter.

      Best wishes and congrats!! Looking forward to baby making his debut on the blog!

    2. there are so many things people don't tell you about labor/recovery but it's hard to say which ones you'll experience. i know that doesn't help - the thing i still wish people had mentioned to me earlier is the lack of pee control afterward.
      and i did not have my membranes stripped so i've got nothin' for ya on that front.

    3. Rebecca, I think you and Jeromy sound more than well prepared! It's been so much fun reading your blog! Jen, can't agree more about the pee thing. Some more random info that I'm sure you've read or discussed, Rebecca:

      Your boobs are going to hurt like heck and they will be HUGE. Like bigger than you could ever imagine. And this will make your back really sore, especially the first few weeks, so be sure to stop by Special Addition off 38th to get properly fitted for a great bra AFTER Dr gets here (I've known many moms who make this their first outing...sounds fun, doesn't it?).

      Instinct is amazing and it just kicks in- trust yours, even if you feel irrational and even if you're totally sleep deprived. You are the mom, and everyone has to listen to YOU. ;)

      I've witnessed a birth that was pretty...yucky. I know you've seen the videos, but little prepares you for the smell. This, I'm sure, goes unnoticed by the laboring mom (I didn't notice and didn't care to ask anyone when I had my two kids), but prepare Jeromy for any extra "yuckiness" b/c I know a lot of women are totally embarrassed by this and hate that they didn't prepare their husbands.

      Ummm, there are all kinds of "joys" that go along with it that come to mind, but I'm pretty sure you already know. I didn't have my membranes stripped, but am an expert on wanting to go natural (both times), being induced (both times), and being hella grumpy about it (both times as well). So if you get there, feel free to vent to me! GOOD LUCK!!! xoxo

    4. Hi - love your blog and thought I'd comment instead of lurk!

      I was due 5/23 with our first and had her this past friday! Way faster than I thought. I went to the doc on Mon. and was 3cm 70% effaced. Membrane stripping did not hurt - the cervical check was uncomfortable but not painful. Thurs. I lost my mucous plug, Fri at 5AM I started having contractions! Never had a braxton hicks - didn't know what to expect. I went to the docs office around 8 and I was 4cm 100% effaced (my husband got to see the baby's head through the speculum - way too invasive at that point!)

      We decided to labor at home until the contractions were more painful - they were 4mins apart though. We were home for an hour before we left --I got to the hospital at 11 and decided on the car ride over to ditch the hippy-natural-birth for an epidural. Well, I got to the hospital and found I was at a 10 and definitely was getting the physical urge to push. I pushed for 30 mins and she was born at 1230! It would have gone faster if I wasn't so scared to push.

      Fast forward to now - the baby is awesome in every way! I feel WAY better than I thought I would. I had one small stitch way up inside from a blood vessel bursting. My back felt sort of sore but I also think being in the hard hospital bed for a night made it worse. I am in shock that everything was so mellow (and I'm very type A, worry prone, and anxious). The only part I hate about being post-baby is the bleeding - I'm just burned out from dealing with it - it's not bad just annoying.

      If I had known then what I knew now, I would have been way less stressed about everything. I have no advice because everyone is different but I really thought I would have the 2 day labor, late term pregnancy, etc. and I'm thankful it was so much more mellow.

      Things that are awesome right now -- sleep (yeah, that get-it-while-you-can thing is way true), swaddle blankets, lanolin cream, gatorade/propel to quench thirst (cannot get enough water), disposable diapers - we plan to cloth but man, having ONE LESS THING TO DO rocks, diaper stations throughout the house has been helpful, and freezer meals made life simple so far.

      Good luck, enjoy the last few days (we certainly did), and really try to enjoy the birth process. I am so amazed at my body and really appreciate how it grew and pushed out a baby - it continues to wow me with nursing. I'm looking forward to seeing your little man.

      Take care, Annalisa

    5. PS - I have large pre-baby boobs (38D) and my milk came in yesterday - yeah, they are way larger but I totally ditched the bra in favor for one of my husband's light button ups for around the house.

      I have nursing tops and bras but I really like being free - constriction hurts more. We've nursed in public (docs office and at a store) where the nursing top helped but it wasnt a make or break. I anticipated needing all these boob holders but so far they aren't as helpful as I thought.


    6. Yep, yep, yep, you have a nursing top or nightgown, right? Soft cotton, pull to the side thing or just open in the middle slit...those things are AWESOME. Take one or two to the hospital with you!

      ps- not posting from school, took day off to be with Vivi, whose daycare is closed and whom is presently napping...ahhhh, your blog is so much more fun than grading or picking up the living room again! HUGS!!