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Friday, March 4, 2011

One thing that I did NOT sign up for

Parents and anyone else who is in the know about child-rearing stuff: is this a real thing that people do, or is this just a terrible gimmick that the marketing team at Huggies came up with?  Someone please tell me that this is NOT a thing, and that I'm not going to have to learn "The Potty Dance", because I don't think I can deal. 


  1. It's for real. I do it with my 21 year old at risk students daily.

  2. We do an m&m dance, but so far no potty dance!

  3. Oh it's real! And trust me when I say you will be surprised at the things you will do when it comes to potty training time! We had a potty dance, a potty song, and a potty treasure box. But we also potty trained in 1 week flat! Night time was a different story.....You have so much to look forward to!!!

  4. I could do the potty treasure box. In fact, I kind of wish that *I* could have a potty treasure box. Maybe I'd feel better about the dance if the steps didn't look lame-o.

    P.S. I just realized that I was supposed to COLOR the potty dance picture before I threw it away! Crap!

  5. ahhh, I had never heard of that! Nice to know!

  6. Blessing for new parents:
    May your potty training go quickly and smoothly.

    If not, call a nanny?
    Aunt M