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Monday, March 21, 2011

Because babies are just like inanimate home decor objects

One of my recent sewing projects was to make a few flannel swaddling blankets:

When I was done, I was really excited to practice using them, but of course we don't yet have a baby to swaddle, nor do we have any life-sized baby dolls lying around the house.   So after prowling around the house looking for something roughly newborn-sized, all I could come up with was a decorative vase:
Hopefully this will help the vase sleep through the night without crying. 


  1. OMG! That owl print is TO DIE FOR! LOVE!!!

  2. I got it at Stitch Lab!!! I'm telling you, I want to take ALL of their fabric home with me so I can just look at it and pet it forever and ever.

  3. haha, Great swaddle. I still stink at it! I have to call Andrwe to do it! I did get a Halo swaddle thing and I use that.