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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take a nap, or come up with a clever blog post title? I choose nap. Here are some miscellaneous updates.

  • My blog-writing and e-mailing has sort of fallen by the wayside lately, because I am now mostly operating in only two modes: the "OMG must get everything done RIGHT NOW" mode that involves lots of list-making and chasing Jeromy around the house trying to get him to help me with twenty things, and the "OMG I'm so tired and uncomfortable" mode where I flop around on the bed or couch for a while and then spend part of the afternoon drooling on my body pillow.
  • I have started running into things with my belly.  Most notably, a tray full of food that I tried to squeeze by in our favorite Mexican food restaurant.  I almost knocked over the folding tray holder thingy. The worst part is, Jeromy tried to warn me, but I thought that I could just suck in a little bit and make it through. I was incorrect.
  • My belly is still not as huge as I expected it to be by now, though.  When strangers ask and find out that I'm due in only 4-5 weeks, they look at me sort of pityingly or skeptically, like I might have gotten my pregnancy math wrong.
  • I have been having some Braxton-Hicks contractions for a while now; usually when I stand up or am walking around quickly.  The doctor had previously told me to sit down when this happened, to make sure they stopped, but now I'm close enough to delivery that she wants me to go ahead and walk through them!
  • I was the envy of all the other preggos in childbirth class because I can still wear my rings.  Of course, I'm sure now that I've typed that sentence, the swelling will begin, and I'll look like a balloon animal in no time.
  • A few weekends ago, two of my awesome teacher buddies threw us a really fun co-ed baby shower.  I had my digital camera out and then of course forgot to take very many pictures, but here is one of Jeromy and the husband of one of the hostesses having a beer-out-of-the-baby-bottle chugging race:

And here are some of the wonderful gifts being test-driven:
It'll be a workout!
This is Doctor Bear enjoying the swing; both gifts from Grammy and Grandpa Smith!
Doctor Bear trying out the super pimpin' stroller from my parents

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  1. I laughed at the part about sucking in.

    So close to the end!