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Saturday, April 2, 2011

And in other news....

Just kidding!  My last post was a fun little April Fool's blog joke--we will NOT be naming our child Fitzwilliam Darcy.  Did we get you?  Maybe for a minute?

I will admit that I did mentally go through all of Jane Austen's male protagonists to see if there was a good name among them, and Fitzwilliam Darcy IS one of my favorite characters, but I don't think I could saddle my kid with that name.  It's a bit too 18th-century-aristocrat-who-wears-pantaloons, even for an Austen-lover like me.  And those of you who know Jeromy very well should definitely have known that he'd never have agreed to something so formal!
I wouldn't even know how to BEGIN teaching our kid to tie a cravat...
To give Jeromy the credit he is due, the post was his idea, although the fake name he suggested was "Bosephus Rain."  I was pretty sure no one would buy that one for a minute, so I tried to come up with one that was a little more plausible.  I was still surprised that no one immediately called "April Fool's!" on me, though.  I can't really tell how many people believed me, but I am betting that several people were pretty sure it was a joke, but were afraid to say anything just in case I was serious and they ended up insulting our baby name.  

So after that tease, here is the real deal with the baby name.  We do have one picked that we are 99% sure we will use, and I have stepped away from the baby name book.  Jeromy kind of wants to wait and announce the name when Doctor makes his grand entrance, though.  This is apparently partly because he wants us to be able to "reserve the right to change it" if for some reason we want to do so.  We do know of people (including Jeromy's parents) who have had one name picked out, but went with another one after meeting their baby, so maybe he has the right idea.  However, the idea of waiting to decide on the baby's name until I'm lying exhausted and semi-delirious in a hospital bed after giving birth really stresses me out, so I'm really glad that we do have a top pick agreed upon. 

If I start getting really crazy and antsy about announcing our name choice, Jeromy will probably let me do it, but I'm surprisingly ok with waiting for now, even though I had been dying to pick one and and announce it the week of our big ultrasound.  So for now, the suspense continues...

Happy April!

***UPDATE***   My little brother TOTALLY fell for it.  He had even played an April Fool's trick on his fiancee, but since they are in Hong Kong right now, April 1st was over by the time they read my post, and he wasn't on the lookout for more trickery.  He sent me an e-mail entitled "Not cool man".  Luckily, Victoria figured out that it was a joke and reassured Travis that he would not, in fact, have to be uncle to a Fitzwilliam.


  1. I couldn't believe how many people fell for it! Jeremy and I were laughing our butts off here. You wouldn't believe what my Jeremy did - he called my mom and told her I was in the first stages of labor - got her to pack her bag, she made me fresh ginger snap cookies, got someone to watch the Inn and drove all the way down the pass!

  2. p.s. look we're the same fruit now!

  3. I do think "Fitz" is an especially adorable name, however.

  4. Haha, um... I totally fell for it. I even said to my husband, "you won't *believe* what my blog friend is naming her baby!!" I feel dumb :P

  5. I just read the last post first and I fell for it!! I was like..okay....cant wait to hear the REAL name!