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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

33 Day Countdown!! (and meet my new bed buddy)

Today I had my third appointment with the OBGYN.  Since it was supposed to be fairly short and uneventful, Jeromy opted not to come with me this time (shocking, right?).  When we went in last month, the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat using the doppler, but it wasn't a big deal, because we had just heard it on the ultrasound a few minutes earlier.  She said it would be "much easier" next time.  Great.  But today, she played the same fun "gee, I can't find the heartbeat" game with me again.  After mashing the doppler wand into every corner or my stomach (ouch) and spreading cold goop all over my abdomen and the top of my jeans, she finally gave up and said she'd let the doctor try.  She did say that she could hear the baby moving and kicking back at the doppler wand, which surprised me.  I was pretty calm, having had the same experience last time, but I definitely would have flipped out if the doctor hadn't been able to find it, either.  Luckily, when my doctor came in, she found the heartbeat in about two everything was good!

I also found out today that I have RH negative blood, which means that I'll have to get some injections later on to make sure that my blood doesn't attack the baby's blood.  Sounds like something from a freaky sci-fi movie to me, but ok, whatever you say, doctor.  

The most exciting moment today was getting to schedule our BIG ultrasound!  We'll go to a perinatalogist on January 3rd for the anatomy ultrasound.  Yay!!  Several people have asked us if we're planning to find out the baby's gender.  Ummm...YES.  While I totally admire people who can wait and be surprised...we're too impatient and excited!  And by "we," I mean mostly me, but Jeromy is definitely in favor of finding out sooner rather than later.  Hopefully it will work out; we talked to someone recently who couldn't find out because the umbilical cord was between the legs when they did the ultrasound!  NOT Ok!  So now you can watch the Ultrasound Countdown Clock on the right side of the blog page AND vote in the Smith Baby Gender Poll!  That's right, my blog is cool and interactive like that. 

I think my nausea has mostly gone away, which I'm really excited about!  Now my biggest challenge is trying to train myself to sleep on my side.  I'm pretty much to the point that I'm not supposed to lay on my back at all, because the weight of the baby could cut off a major blood vessel.  I've been trying to sleep on my side for a while, but I always end up on my back.  Jeromy even pulled the mattress off our bed in order to try to fix our squeaky bedframe; he's a little tired of my tossing and turning.  I went out and got a body pillow--hopefully it will help!

Me and my new favorite bedmate
On paying the bill at Maudie's, our favorite Mexican restaurant: "This is WAY cheaper than it used to be.  We're going to be able to pay for the baby bed just by saving on Mommy's drinking bill." (After he'd had a goldfish bowl sized Dos Equis and I had "gotten a little crazy" by ordering an iced tea instead of a water.  Nice.)


  1. Yay sex ultrasound! Soooo excited to hear what you're having! I'm RH negative too! Weird! We get to be freaks together :-p Mom bought me the "snoogle" pregnancy pillow and it's helped a lot - if your body pillow doesn't work you might try it. Did you get a new mattress yet?

  2. I really wanted to get the pillow that's a big 'U' shape so that I'd have a body pillow on both sides of me without having to switch it over, but I was worried that I might crowd Jeromy out of the bed. Plus it was like $100. No new mattress yet...we just need to suck it up and pick one (and be willing to pay for it). Jeromy was kinda interested in a tempurpedic like y'all have, but I can't stand them!

  3. Oh, he'll have plenty of room. We make it work in a queen, we just can't touch each other. :-p I think the snoogle was 60. Did you try the cloud? Cause Jeremy hates tempurpedics but he really like the cloud cause it's a lot softer. Hope you find something soon!

  4. Totally weird that you two are both RH neg! I'm also very excited to hear about the big ultrasound! I would have said that you guys were having a girl and J&J were having a boy so that means you guys must be having a boy since my sex guessing mojo is totally off these days!

    Good luck sleeping on your side! I could never really master it myself....

    P.S. Jan and Jerm's bed is really nice and comfy and I'm also not a big tempurpedic person.

  5. The RH negative thing is really's only like 15% of women! Chandra, I was totally convinced that you were right about J&J's baby...I kept telling Jeromy that you must just KNOW things like that since you knew right away that Janet was going to marry O.J. I've thought for a while that we are probably having the opposite of J&J, so my current guess is a boy. I guess you never know, though!

    I think we laid on a cloud and I thought it was too mushy. You can see why the mattress shopping is drama. Jeromy is over it.

  6. Is there no "other" category for the gender poll? Victoria and I are betting on a turtle.