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Friday, October 15, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog...

When I told my favorite brother Travis that I was thinking about blogging during my pregnancy, he gave me such a disgusted look that you’d have thought that I had asked him to move to Austin to be the baby’s personal diaper changer.  Ironically, at the time of our conversation, I was helping Travis look over his TWO websites (one for his wedding to Victoria, and one for their trip around the world)….hypocrite, much?  I do kind of understand his reaction, though.  I’m sure he was imagining everything from detailed accounts of every weird/gross/boring symptom to sentimental raptures about the beauty of becoming a parent for the first time.  Certainly, there are some very self-involved, overly-mushy family and/or pregnancy blogs out there.  I really do hope to avoid these pitfalls, but I guess we’ll see!

So, while I do realize that a very large percentage of the world’s population go through pregnancy with no fanfare whatsoever, I have decided to start this blog for the following reasons:

1.    To show my brother who’s boss.  Who says that climbing to the Everest base camp, trekking through China, and RVing in New Zealand is more interesting to read about than having a little person grow in your belly?  Ok, probably a lot of people.  I’m actually really excited to read their blog.  I guess we’ll say that each Titus sibling will be having his or her own unique adventure over the next several months.

2.    To have more interaction with the outside world.  I used to talk to at least 150 people a day (if you count distracted 14-year-olds as “people”) and now I mostly talk to the dog and Jeromy.  They are both very loving and try to be good listeners, but neither has much idea what I’m going through; Lainey, because she’s been spayed, and Jeromy because he’s a guy.  So, the whole pregnancy thing has been a bit lonely thus far, mostly because of the first-trimester secrecy factor.  I thought about joining an online birth month community, but quickly vetoed that idea.  A group of hormonal women typing at each other from the anonymity of the computer…how stressful is that??!!

3.    To share this experience with any friends and family who are interested, especially those who don’t live nearby.  I figure that this will help me avoid flooding Facebook with updates and pictures that not everyone cares to see.  If people are bored or disgusted by the blog, they don’t have to read it.  :)


  1. I LOVE that you're writing this blog, Rebecca! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Rebecca for doing this. I enjoy your style of writing.