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Monday, October 25, 2010

Man vs. Food Aversions

For the first several weeks after finding out the I was pregnant, I was feeling pretty darn proud of my eating habits.  Over the past year, Jeromy and I have really improved our diet, especially in terms of what we cook.  We had gotten into a groove of eating dinners of lean meats and vegetables, and had pretty much stopped eating pasta, rice, etc. at home.  We had also switched to buying pretty much everything organic.  Picture weekly trips to Whole Foods where we smugly filled our re-usable grocery bags with all kinds of fruits and veggies and free-range chicken.   Back at the house, Jeromy would grill pieces of salmon while I made a salad or baked cauliflower and broccoli.  We were eating like health-conscious, environmentally-aware grown-ups.  

I had read about women who gleefully began "eating for two" within hours of seeing the positive pregnancy test.  Women who demolished entire packages of candy or potato chips on a daily basis, and ended up gaining 15 pounds during their first trimester.  Not me, I thought.  I was still making it to the gym most days, and was following all the Golden Rules of Pregnancy Eating, from "Thou shalt eat tons of leaf greens" to "Thou shalt NOT eat lunch meat."  I was the best pregnant lady ever!

.....Until the food aversions and cravings set in a few weeks ago.  Suddenly, I was eating nothing but  goldfish for lunch.  Goldfish!  Such packaged snack food hasn't entered our house in years.  The idea of eating meat or vegetables now sends me into a fetal position. If the aversion/craving monster that has taken over my body had its way all the time, my diet would consist of: plain pasta, naughty delivery pizza, cranberry-applesauce, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, and Mexican food. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
One of the worst parts, though, is that the cravings and aversions change all the time!  Poor Jeromy needs a flow chart to keep up with them.  A few recent conversations:

Jeromy: What do you want for lunch?  

Me: (unintelligible grunt) 

Jeromy:  How about that vegetable pho you liked last week?

Me:   Ugh.  Don't even MENTION vegetable pho to me.

Jeromy:  Why don't you try to eat something? 

Me:  (pathetic whimper)

Jeromy:  Here's the rest of the goldfish that you took with you to about those?



Jeromy:  Um, ok.  I guess I'll eat them then.  I finished the rest of the box while you were gone, anyway.

Jeromy:  I'm trying to decide what to make for there ANYTHING that might be appetizing to you?

Me:  Macaroni and cheese.

And you know what?  The poor guy when out and bought me some Mac and cheese.

"I'm sorry that you're miserable.  If it makes you feel any better, it's making me miserable, too."


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  2. OOooooo Jeromy what did you say?? Glad he's cooking you what sounds good, Rebecca - isn't it so weird that your body will only tolerate the most random foods?? Being pregnant is f'ed up :-p

  3. Ha, it does look like he said something inappropriate, doesn't it? Which would be so out of character. He said, "testing," which I thought was boring so I took it down. I'm hoping this crazy food aversion business will settle down soon; I need to eat some vegetables...

  4. I have a perma-aversion to vegetables. Don't think I can blame that on the baby though

  5. Yay! I found your blog through Janet's! I love it!

  6. I'll come down and eat all that JUNK food with you.. sounds good to me!!

  7. Yay! People are actually reading my blog! It's hard not to feel like you are just typing into the black hole of cyberspace.
    Chandra--Welcome, hope you enjoy!
    Heather--you are welcome to come down and eat junk food with me any time!! I'm getting to be a champ at it, unfortunately! If I start on Twinkies, though, I'm going to have Jeromy lock me up.